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Graphic & Branding Designer

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Read a little more about me.

Since June 2010, I've been opening and closing design software. The past 2 years I am trying to dig deep to pursue a career within the industry. As Shia Labeouf once said Don't let your Dreams, be Dreams!. Every day I am trying to focus on improving my portfolio and will continue to learn new ways in the wonderful world of design.

Personal Information

  • Name - Jonathan Coyne

  • Brithday - 5 April 1995

  • Nationality - British

  • Born - Newcastle, UK

  • Language - English

My Skills

It's hard for a designer to put a label on himself as to how good he is without blowing his own trumpet. Here are my skills based on experience.

Apparel Design
Website Design
Social Media Design

My Services

I have been designing since 2010 since then I have became a specialist in certain areas. Below are some of the areas which I pride myself in and can deliver top quality work.


Branding and logo design is something I have learnt since day 1 of my design career. I work closely with my clients and deliver the very best in logo quality.

Graphic Design

Beginning my career in the gaming industry I learnt quickly that my clients want clean and professional designs. I am to deliver affordable yet professional work any way I can.

Apparel Design

In the past 2 years I have worked with some of the biggest apparel companies in the business creating jerseys and other apparel for their clients.


Some of the clients I have had the pleasure of working with over the years.


Let's work together and make something wonderful for the world to see. I can be contacted on any of the below information.

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  • Phone - On Request

  • E-mail - hi@joncoyne.co.uk

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