Why Social Media Design is important?

4 September 2018 by Jonathan Coyne.

What is Social Media Design?

Social media design is the visual content used for marketing purposes via the digital world. The digital marketing world make use of different platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+, Instagram and other social platforms to connect to consumers. Social media design include graphics, specially created videos, animations, images and other visual representation tools that can be posted across social media platforms.

Social media feeds are bombarded with so much information and posts for you to process. Worded posts can get lost in the midst of the euphoria and a lot of times go unnoticed and thereby not achieving its purpose. There is saying that a picture speaks a thousand words, which is why a great social media design will make you stand out and make your posts noticeable and get attention in the midst of the many posts on social media. A very large percentage of brands now use social media as the number one marketing tool, that is why having a great social media design is needed now, more than ever in order to make your information get across as effectively as it should.

A good social media design has a greater chance of being remembered, if users find it so catchy, they might even repost it on their personal timelines and that ultimately leads to more reach and engagement. How attractive your social media design is determines the positive image created in the head of the consumers and it ultimately builds brand recognition. A great social media design embeds a lot of words and tells a unique story about what the company is trying to offer, people don’t always like to read a lot of words and tend to get more information into them by visual contact and they react accordingly. In the face of decreasing attention spans, social media contents needs to get a user’s attention at the very look.

Social media design plays a very important role in social media marketing for companies and businesses. Social media designs increases the strength of your brand image and builds engagement with your target audience. A whopping 93% of marketers now use social media for their business. Younger generation of consumers active on social media now prefer visual representation, therefore a great social media design is needed for every post. Social media design provides a buzzing online presence for brands and businesses and this will all be leading back to the websites attached to posts, which further increases website engagement.

Social media design provides support towards brand recognition, it helps create a first impression on clients and customers. The quality of the designs is a major part to take note of, as it determines the level of attraction it gets from social media users. The more attractive a social media design looks, the easier it is to win trust from your target audience. Underestimating the role of social media design in your business, can be a major detriment on how your profit and impact looks. What consumers see on your social media speaks a lot about what you stand for in terms of quality and the way you conduct your business.

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