Why you need a great company logo?

4 September 2018 by Jonathan Coyne.

A company logo resonates the company’s business visions and is the start of a company’s branding. A company logo is the first impression and introduction consumers get about the company. A logo might not be the only factor considered by consumers but it definitely has an effect on how appealing the company looks to a consumer at first. Effectively created company logos usually creates a long lasting image in the head of a customer and make them want to find out more about the company behind the logo. A well-designed company logo tells a story with every font, color, shape and design, on many occasions it is the bedrock of what the company stands for. Think of Nike’s trademark swoosh logo, Coca-cola’s italic way of design, adidas bar charts and you will get a peek into how huge a great company logo can be - without seeing the products, and these companies already have made an impression just seeing their logos. Energy and time goes into creating a great logo, and a lot of consideration is put into what you want it to say and the story you want it to tell.

A company logo is arguably the most important part of its branding, as it exudes the image, personality and value of the company. It is the number one marketing contact between a company and its consumers. An adeptly crafted company logo passes information immediately on brand recognition, admiration, inspires trust and loyalty. A great company logo helps you stand out from the crowd and makes you unique amongst your competitors. An excellently crafted logo makes it easier for customers to remember you, because visual pictures last longer than words. If you want to make a lasting impression on your clients, having the right logo is crucial – as your logo appears on so many platforms such as websites, business cards, and publicity channels, even sometimes at social events. A poorly designed company logo can be a turn off and have an adverse effect on your brand identity.

A great company logo inspires confidence as it is one of the external elements that create trust and as often as the consumers communicate about your great brand identity via the elements, the less risk they see in your business. A company’s logo is important in building awareness and presence that will last long in the memories of the target audience. When consumers think about products and services related to your industry, your logo should be the visual image in their heads. Clients sometimes judge a company by the efforts they put into their branding, which starts from logo creation. They believe that if you care so much about the image representation, you definitely care about the quality of your products and services. A professional and great company logo design is one of the major reasons a customer initiates relationship with a company.

In a world of stiff competition in business and rapid creation of new businesses on a daily basis. A memorable and excellently designed company logo can put you foremost in the minds of consumers when they think about your industry.

Photography by Lefteris kallergis

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